• NatuReS’ Mission

    The Natural Resources Stewardship Programme enables private-public-civil society partnerships to sustainably manage natural resources.
  • Promoting Natural Resources Stewardship

    NatuReS enables partners to work together in mitigating risks and realising opportunities.

  • Targets and Achievements

    NatuReS has set 10 targets to measure its support of sustainable economic growth.

  • NatuReS’ Project Locations

    The programme is currently active in Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Protecting Natural Resources

NatuReS’ proven expertise, tools and approaches empower diverse stakeholders to protect and enhance life supporting natural resources. The programme helps them to mitigate risks and realise opportunities with effective collaboration. By encouraging Natural Resources Stewardship, NatuReS supports a kind of economic growth that is socially and environmentally sustainable. Emerging private-public-civil society partnerships also strengthen participatory governance.

NatuReS in Numbers

  • 18,145 jobs newly created or safeguarded
  • € 88,644,014.00 secured or newly provided
  • 5 mechanisms developed to reduce waste
  • 3 interventions to reduce waste
  • 11 partnerships supported
  • 6 partnership action plans developed
  • 6 emerging good policy and practice lessons institutionalised

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