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Natural Resources Risk and Action Framework (NRAF)

User Manual: Natural Resources Risk and Action Framework (NRAF)

NatuReS’ work relies on the effectiveness of its private-public-civil society partnerships. The idea is that those relying on the same natural resources can only address risks through collaboration. By working together and finding mutually beneficial solutions, partnerships lead to sustainable economic growth. This secures the use of natural resources for generations to come.

NatuReS developed the Natural Resources Risk and Action Framework (NRAF) to tackle shared environmental risks together with stakeholders from affected businesses, communities, and governments.

Arranged in five steps, the NRAF guides stewardship practitioners through

1) Preparing,
2) Assessing,
3) Committing,
4) Acting and
5) Scaling/Exiting

a partnership.

Download this factsheet for further information.

Or take this free, self-paced online training on stewardship and the Natural Resources Risk and Action Framework to learn more about how to bring together stakeholders from across sectors to jointly tackle risks emerging from the scarcity or endangerment of natural resources: