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Launch Event: Water Stewardship SOPs for South African Industrial Parks

May 27, 2022

The South African Department of Trade, Industry and Competition in collaboration with GIZ Natural Resources Stewardship Programme have developed the Water Stewardship for Sustainable Water Management Standard Operating Procedures for Industrial Parks.

The aim of the Water Stewardship Guide as an SOP for Industrial Parks is to embed water stewardship practices, promote efficient water use and value creation in industrial parks. This ambition is facilitated through a four-phased approach which provides defined steps and actions to foster practical ease and seamless internalization across the various levels of an industrial park.

At a time when industrial areas are facing heighted operational risks the SOPs can serve as a lever to support industrial sites respond to their unique water-related challenges.

Click here to join the meeting on 31st May, 09.00 SAST.