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Case Study: Lusaka Water Security Initiative, Zambia

Lusaka is Zambia’s capital, the country’s economic centre and its fastest growing city, with more than three million inhabitants. However, the city increasingly suffers from water insecurity. In the past, various stakeholders recognised this as a significant risk for the health and prosperity of Lusaka’s inhabitants and businesses, and were ready to act. However, individual actions were often limited in their effectiveness due to the scale and complexity of the city’s environmental challenges.

In July 2015, various stakeholders from public, private sector and civil society decided to form the cross-sectoral Lusaka Water Security Initiative (LuWSI), with the main objective to jointly improve Lusaka’s water security across sectors. During the partnership’s initial development, GIZ was tasked to host the secretariat, facilitating an inclusive and participatory decision-making process. Read more about the partnership’s evolution here.

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